Impressive Wedding Themes

Wedding theme ideas trending in 2020

Do we really need a theme for a wedding? Are theme weddings similar to a costume party? Would a theme wedding cost you a fortune? You are bombarded with a series of questions every time you think about a theme wedding, isn’t it? Well, although the theme wedding is an entirely new concept for many, the trend is fast picking up amongst the millennials. While most of them contemplate on whether or not to incorporate themes to their functions, an overwhelming response from those who have organized theme weddings acknowledges the fact that the theme weddings are here to stay. The fun factor apart, themed weddings also allow you to host events in a format. To know more about theme weddings and the various themes trending lately, continue reading the following sections.

How to decide the right theme for your wedding?

The young generation is not afraid to be bold. They love to experiment novelties, and yes, they love to display those daringly. The significant element of the themed wedding is, however, the complete entertainment. These add excitement to your traditional ceremonies and brighten up the entire celebration mood. Nevertheless, themed weddings are a big responsibility that requires ample planning. Hence, find out the right planners and make your wedding planning easy.

Technically, the themes are all about organizing every decor and details in a patterned format. The way everything is arranged defines a scene and tells the viewers a story. Most young couples prefer their themes to be something that resonates with their personality, since the elements are carried throughout the ceremonies and receptions. Hence, invest in a wedding theme that is popular so that you are more likely to find out accessories and supplies readily. Here is a list of popular wedding themes that can inspire you to choose the best.

Mesmerising wedding themes

Garden theme

If you have ever dreamed of a magical wedding, then the garden-themed wedding will be your call. Surrounded by greeneries, this wedding theme is a perfect idea for your summer or spring weddings. Arranged in the open, the theme is much appreciated for its blend with nature. Though garden themes are conducted in the outdoors preferably, a greenhouse is also a most sought after venue. Browse for the best parks, gazebos or botanical garden near your area and book for space at the earliest. Decorate the wedding venue with Victorian or Vintage decors according to your preferences. Natural décors like bushes, bouquets and butterflies add aesthetics to the entire wedding theme.

Beach wedding theme

Beach theme is the most preferred destination wedding theme. The decorations and the theme-related details often match with the water bodies selected. Sandcastles, starfish, and seashells, dominate the wedding decors of the beach wedding themes. Tulle and netting complete the beach-themed looks with exquisite centrepieces and florals decorating every nook of the venue.

Vintage wedding theme

Vintage themes are fun to execute. Recreating visuals of the past anywhere back to 50 or 100 years is an impressive idea for a wedding. This theme involves a costume recreation as well. It will be a visual treat if the guests also dress according to the theme. Retro themes are quite popular among customers. A fusion of the traditional and contemporary decors and attires can be quite innovative and visually pleasing as well. The vintage theme is made perfect with wedding delicacies brought straight to the palettes from the history.

Seasonal wedding theme

Probably, the easiest and popular themes for wedding, seasonal themes are easy to organize because of the easy availability of the decors. Winter wonderland, one of the popular seasonal themes for winter weddings, incorporates a lot of snowflakes, snowmen or even ice skating. Hot chocolate and winter delicacies can make winter wonderland a fantastic wedding theme. Beach wedding themes are just the perfect theme for a summer wedding. Pump up the autumn theme with lots of harvest bounty, pumpkins and of course, the fall leaves.

Romantic Pink theme

Pink theme entirely resonates with the romance involved in the wedding. Although the fiery red is the right choice to define the love in the air, subtle pink gears up the excitement of the wedding. Pair the hue with complementary colours like turquoise, teal baby blue or grey to give it a softer feel. Tulle and flowers can spruce up the romance effect of the wedding venue. Decorate the place with candles and pink spotlights to brighten up the atmosphere.

Rock and Roll biker’s theme

For all the hardcore bike enthusiasts, here is a fantastic wedding theme. Leave aside all the dull tones, and gear up for a party themed wedding idea. Ceremony music replaced with high wired bands and guitar, and jeans and jackets replacing your favoured tux is the life of this theme. Friends and family following the costume can make the entire even more fun. Make sure the couple exits the venue in a motorbike to finish off the wedding in style. This theme is sure to steal the limelight for sure.

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