Exquisite Wedding Dresses For Wedding Reception

The Ever Shining Wedding Dresses

Weddings are a special occasion for the bride and groom. It is a great memory they make together down the lane for years to come. Wedding dresses are one thing most of us will be confused about. While all the Indian rituals, reckon a traditional wear you can go west for the wedding reception. The wedding reception is an informal affair where there is more fun than rituals. It could be a cocktail party with music and dance.

Wedding dresses for the reception can also be an informal gown than a trendy Indian outfit. A ruffled gown, flowy long trail gowns or a fairy-tale wedding gowns can look really beautiful on you and suit the occasion. You can select a designer gown or get the dress stitched from your tailor. Keep collecting pictures of wedding gowns you like from instagram and Pinterest. Make a list of these gowns and get the opinion from your loved ones as well. You never know which one will suit you the best. It may not always be the best wedding gown that will work for you. So, take some time to get the best outfit that suits your tastes and is within your comfort zone.

Designer Gown For Wedding Receptions

There are so many designers in India who make exemplary designer gowns for the wedding reception. Most of them are liked by celebrities and are endorsed by them during fashion shows and parties. Indian brides are mostly in red. Red gowns are rare but Anushree Reddy’s long flowing, pleated and studded red gown is stunning. It can catch everyone’s attention. Though black is never the color of Indian bride, Tanieya Khanuja will turn heads on you. The black ruffled gown is a showstopper for your cocktail night party.

Nadine Dhody has come up with a reception and cocktail look that can add extra drama. The pearl embellished hand embroidered crystal with a detachable voluminous overlay skirt will look beautiful on you. You can slay the night with Seema Gujral’s ivory gown. The gown looks beautiful with embellishments and intricate embroidery with sparkling full sleeves. Falguni Shane gown is classic. It has intricate foliage embroidery, sweetheart neckline, feathered hemline and cut out shoulders. It is an over the top wedding reception look. Kresha Bajaj’s gown is for the Indian wedding reception. The gowns are stunning with Ice Grey trail jacket, silk resham embroidery, delicate handiwork crystals, and glass beading.

Pick Your Favorite Wedding Dresses

Bring out the diva in you with Reannmoradians mermaid gown. The pearl embroidered with frills will be the right pick for your wedding reception. Tanieya Khanuja gives a bold statement with a black ruffled mermaid gown. The off shoulder gown can get you a great amount of compliments. The heavily embellished ivory gown from Faraz Manan collection can stand out from the rest with its gorgeous long train and quirky design. It is sure to make heads on you.

The stunning cut out gown with pearl embellishments and a slit from Nadine Dhody will set the cocktail party on fire. You will be the stylish bride in your wedding reception. The gown with magnificent twirl, swarovski crystals, sequins, and multi-colored uber stylish gown from Seema Gujral is perfect and straight out of fairy tales. Zara Umrigar customized game of thrones gown can be a stunner for wedding receptions. The intricately beaded bird designs with a plunging neckline and exaggerated shoulders and keep you apart. The feathered tube gown by Dolly J is something people will fall in love with. The dusty pink gown with metallic textures will be great for your wedding reception.

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