How Will GST Affect Your Wedding?

Demonetization ruled the year of 2016, whereas GST started its rule from 2017 and is still ruling. Everyone was crystal clear about the effects of demonetization, but GST is making everyone confused. Few believe that it will have no effect on them, while others strongly believe on the other side. So, if you belong to those groups of people who think GST will not affect you, well then take a look below, especially when your wedding bells are nearby.

Wedding shopping will have its ups and down

The best thing about your wedding is shopping. Who will not love spending loads of time selecting the perfect dress for each occasion? Therefore, you will be spending a huge amount of money on clothes and apparel. Take a look at a GST point of view. Click out –

Clothing and Apparel for up to Rs 1000 will see a reduction of 5%. If it exceeds more than Rs 1000, it will be reduced to 12%. Well, that’s happy news for you. Now, you can shop till you flat drop.

Who can forget the costume jewelry? The good news is it is reduced to 12%. That’s another bonus point for you. Now you can buy till your heart’s content.

Perfumes and makeup are an inseparable part of the wedding. That’s why it becomes a little stressful here. You will have to spend all those above-saved money to invest in this part. Perfume and make have been increased to 28%, making your favorite brand costlier.

And the worst part, diamond, and gold jewelry have been increased to 3%, to that of 1.8%.

Try out the old school rule of getting things from abroad

This is the best tip to beat the system. If you got friends and relatives, who will be flying down for your wedding, give them your wish list. This way, you will not only save money, but you will also get your favorites. You can always get your favorite shoes, accessories, branded bags and perfumes and many more right from their birthplace.

Wedding services will become costlier than before

If you thought that wedding services were costlier earlier, then think again. Your makeup artist, photography, catering services, decorator, etc has been raised to 18%. Now, you will have to spend more than saving leaving you very little for your honeymoon.

Makeup and beauty services have seen an increase to 15%. If you found the products costly, their services just became costlier.

Catering services can no way come down in the tax world. Taking a look at the prices of food products, the only thing you can do is ask for a discount on your catering service area. Request them as a wedding gift to less their service fee, so that you will still have a chance for your honeymoon.

Your wedding venue will be the most expensive thing on your wedding list. It has seen a rise of 28% leave alone other expenses. At this rate, DIY decoration for your wedding venue is the best and the recommended option.
Now, continue to enjoy planning your wedding day.

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