Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

It is a common tradition to decorate the wedding stage and the venue. Decorations offer a grand look to your marriage venue, and it adds a lively touch to your wedding. It is not necessary that you invest too much on wedding decorations as there are some simple wedding decoration options. You can provide an aesthetic look with cheap and straightforward decoration ideas. The following article lists some of the simple wedding decoration ideas that would light up your wedding venue.

Sparkling Lanterns
Lighting up lanterns in various places of the wedding venue can give a fairy tale effect to your wedding venue. The twinkling lights of the lamps would impress your guests. You can hang them in various places of the wedding hall which includes the ceiling; tables etc. There are several cheap DIY ideas where you can make use of simple objects like glass jars, bowls, etc. The approximate cost of lanterns would start with Rs. 6000.

 Trendy Backdrops
Trendy backdrop saves a lot of money. You can go for some creative backdrop ideas so that you can avoid decorating the entire venue with costly décor elements. Use fresh or artificial flowers that can make your backdrop look stunning. Handmade papercraft is an exciting element that you can add up to the backdrop of the venue

Fabric Mandap
When you plan for an outdoor wedding, you can go fabric drapes, and it would be an excellent decorative idea for you mandap. Floral arrangements would add up to the beauty of the fabric drape. Provide seating arrangements in the mandap with floor cushions, colorful mattress, etc which would mesmerize your guests.

The above decoration ideas would limit the budget that you spend decorating your wedding venue. These simple ideas can offer a grandeur look to your venue.

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