Things To Keep In Mind While Planning Men’s Wedding Outfits

How to choose wedding attire as a guest?

If you have received a wedding invitation recently, surely, it brings a lot of excitement and joy. You would have started to think about what to wear for the couple’s wedding day and if you are taking part in any special functions, you may even feel anxious while planning the wedding outfits. We have shared some tips that will help you with planning the attire for the wedding easily. Though it is not your wedding day, you need to look trendy, stylish, and suitable for the occasion. Some of the common groups of wedding affairs are casual, cocktail, or semi-formal and black tie wedding dress codes. Let us discuss the dos and don’ts of each wedding dress code in detail.
What is meant by the black-tie wedding guest code?

Some couples would have mentioned black tie in the wedding invitation. It means the guests are supposed to follow this code. There are very few chances for deviation or interpretation in this dress code. You need to wear a Tuxedo. You would not have much chance to express your style. The best part of black-tie attire is it fits exactly with tradition. You can wear a bow tie, tuxedo pants, and a tuxedo jacket. If you want to express your style on the wedding occasion, you can consider showing through your dress in the form of shoes, lapel pin, bow tie, and shirt selections.

Dos and don’ts of black tie wedding guest attire

Do wear leather, black patent leather or loafer or velvet oxford shoes: Except mentioned in the invitation, any kind of casual shoes or sneakers are said to be unsuitable for the occasion.

Do wear a midnight blue or black tuxedo: When it comes to dressing up for a black-tie occasion, midnight blues and black are appropriate. If you are choosing to wear another color, you should ensure it is in dark shade.

Do wear a collared shirt: Branded collar shirts, polo shirts, and T-shirts do not suit the black-tie dress theme. When it comes to dressing up for a wedding venue, you should choose a tuxedo shirt of a different pattern, texture, or color like a pinstripe, denim pastel.

Do not intentionally aim at wearing the same as the attendants or groom’s apparel: Ensure to maintain a classic and clean look. Your attire should be free from details or else it may look like you are imitating the main man of the day.

Do not wear a floral buttonhole: It is mostly reserved for the wedding attendants and groom. So, choose a stylish lapel pin as it matches your tuxedo lapel well.

Do not wear ivory or white dinner jackets: Dinner jackets and feature looks, mainly ivory or white dinner jackets are reserved for the attendants and groom.

What are the dos and don’ts involved in formal men’s wedding outfits?

If the dress code is announced as formal, most of the black-tie dress rules apply. It means tuxedo is not needed for the formal attire and it is optional. It is recommended to wear a dark or black colored suit instead of midnight or black tuxedo.

Do wear a collared shirt: Banded collar shirts, polo shirts, and T-shirts are not customary for the formal wedding attire. It is best to choose an appropriate outfit to match the wedding theme and venue. So select a shirt in a unique pattern, texture, or color like a pinstripe, denim, pastel to express your style.

Do wear a necktie or bow tie: When you are wearing a dress that looks different from a black-tie, then you do not have to wear a bow tie.

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