How To Pick Out The Right Varmala?

How To Pick The Right Varmala

No Indian wedding is deemed to be complete without the Varmala ceremony. This traditional ceremony can be described as the exchange of garlands between the bride and the groom as they promise to respect and love one another for the rest of their life. This ancient tradition is practiced all over India and only differs in the type of flowers that are used on the actual garlands. These floral garlands are made with sweet smelling flowers that are bright in colour and capture the whole essence of an Indian wedding in a nutshell. Wedding planners often include extravagant Varmala ceremonies within their event packages to make sure that the bride and groom have an eventful wedding that covers all the traditional aspects off an Indian wedding. In fact, many even consider it as an important point while considering hiring a wedding planner as seen at

 Blend the Varmala with Theme

The Varmalas that are exchanged between the couple can be either kept simple or extravagant, depending on the theme your wedding is based on. One of the most important factors to consider while placing an order for the floral garlands is its size and weight. The height of the new couple needs to be taken into consideration to get the size of the garlands right. After all , the Indian bride is also going to decked up in heavy traditional outfits along with jewellery, so the added weight of the garlands can be a tad bit too much. Experienced wedding planners are experts in choosing the right Varmala for the bride and the groom.

Add Fragrance To The Varmala

The flowers are an integral part of any kind of Varmala, big or small. You can use flowers that complement your wedding colour scheme so that they look great in the wedding photographs. Traditional weddings often have varmalas that are decked with roses, mogras, marigolds or lilies. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding alongside the beach, you can even have garlands set with plumeria flowers to ge t a more exotic look. Although any flowers can be set in these gorgeous floral garlands, it might be a smart idea to choose flowers that are in season at the moment to make them easier to find and cheaper on the wallet as well.

Floral garlands filled with sweet smelling flowers like mogras and lilies offer a beautiful fragrance to waft around the newly wedded couple, adding an extra element to the magical event. In order to make sure that the fragrance is well balanced, professional wedding planners usually ensures that mildly scented flowers are used in the varmalas to make sure that the wedding guests are not overpowered by the fragrance.

Bring In Your Unique Touch

If you like going the extra mile for your wedding, you can also consider having some embellishments added to your varmala to give it a more exotic and unique look. Embellishments like the family crests, or beads or crystals or pearls and so on can go a long way in adding a bit of extra to your floral garlands. At the end of the day, the varmala ceremony goes a long way in cementing the relationship between the new couple as they get ready to face their new life together.

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