Glimpse Of Indian Bridal Jewelry Trends

Bridal jewellery is of more considerable significance in an Indian wedding. Wedding jewelry usually is closely connected with the emotions of the Indian bride. Bridal jewelry adds ups to the grandeur of your wedding outfit. Brides put in all efforts to choose the right bridal wedding jewelry collection for their wedding. People choose wedding jewelry based on the recent wedding jewelry trends. Wearing trendy wedding jewelry attracts the guests, and you look gorgeous with it. The following talks about the latest Indian wedding jewelry trends.

Head Wedding Jewelry Trends

There are several traditional head accessories worn by Indian brides to decorate their hair. The following are some of the trendy head adorning wedding jewelry of this year.

The Matha Pathi: This s is a traditional head jewelry that accentuates the looks of the bride. It is customizable, and the colours and style can be chosen based on the wedding attire. Every Indian bride cherishes this type of jewelry.

Manga Tikka: This is a must-have head decorating wedding jewelry. The size of a manga tikka depends on the size of the forehead. Make sure not to cover the entire forehead as it would fail to bring out the best looks from the bride. Choose from different types of head accessories namely Kundan tikka, emerald tikka and embedded tikka and jadau tikka.

Neckpiece Wedding Jewelry Trends

Neckpieces are of different types, and they add up to the grandeur of your wedding dress.

Chokers: The Indian brides love this trendy wedding jewelry. This type of jewelry stays close to the neck of the bride and offers a stunning look. Polki and Kundan choker are the stylish models of choker sets available in the market. You can also go for ruby, emerald and pearl beaded choker sets for a perfect look of the bride.

Necklaces: This type of wedding jewelry is an all-time favourite of Indian brides. String types or layered necklaces are the recent wedding jewelry trends. Antique type necklaces give a magnificent and bold look to the bride. Go for necklace designs that blend with the choker. Kundan and Polki type necklaces very well suit the taste of the modern Indian bride. Pastel beads add up to the grandness of the bride’s wedding dress.

Wedding Jewelry Trends For The Ears

Long and decorative earrings are the favourite picks of brides in India. Elongated rings look stylish, and it is a trendy, classic wedding jewelry.

Chandbalis: This type of ear jewelry does not lose their charm among other trendy wedding jewelry collections. Chandbalis pair perfectly with large sized manga tikkas. Chandbalis made up of pearls, and semi-precious stones are the most significant hits among Indian brides.

Shoulder Earrings: Long, shoulder dust earing are the latest wedding jewelry trends. Go for teardrop earrings as it suits with traditional bridal attire.

Hands Wedding Jewelry Trends

Bangles: Bangle Stack is the evergreen wedding jewelry trend. Arrange and wear bangles based on their size. Broad and heavy bangles studded with stones give an exemplary look. Customize the bangle stack, so that it matches the colour of the wedding attire.

Haath Phools: This Kundan or Polki type jewelry is used to decorate the hand. Pearl designs give a unique look to your hand.

Bracelets and Cuffs: This is a recent trend in wedding jewelry. Designer cuffs are perfect for the reception. Different models of beautiful and sophisticated bracelets and cuffs are available in the market.

Cocktail Rings: This is a must-have trendy wedding jewelry. It comes with a ruby attached to the ring. This type of ring gives a modern look to your hands.

Designer Kaleera: This is a top wedding jewellery trend of any Indian wedding. Wearing customized kaleerein based on your story would definitely impress your guests at the wedding.

Waist Wedding Jewelry Trends

Waist Belts: This bridal jewellery brings out the elegance of a saree or lehenga. It makes it easy for the bride to hold a saree or dupatta in place. Brides feel comfortable to move around when they wear a waist belt.

The above are the recent trends in Indian bridal jewelry. This serves as a perfect shopping guide for the bride to be.

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