Trending wedding decors of 2020

Amazing wedding decors to watch out

Weddings are the lifetime celebrations that you would cherish and engrave into your beautiful memories. Most of the new couple prefer their wedding venues to be an out of world experience with amazing wedding decors adorning the hallways and enthralling the audiences. From fresh colours to scented floral decors wedding decorations have indeed come out a long way from being a mere stage to experiences that can be cherished lifelong. Here are some of the best wedding decoration ideas that have been trending in the past year.

Wedding decors that are sure to trend

Brilliant wedding decors are the best ways to bring out the festive moods that have been dampened by the pandemic and the social distancing in the present situation. Dull audiences and the extra protection is already making these celebrations less lively. Lighten up your celebration mood with five amazing wedding decors in the following sections. But before jumping into the latest wedding decor trends, let us go through a few expectations that the prospective customers seek.

Going by the past year’s trends and the prevalent mood, most of the customers are demanding minimalistic and elegant decors for their weddings. Some of them also emphasize that the venues must not be overwhelmed with a lot of unwanted fancy decorations. decor hangings from the ceiling in the mandaps, entrances, and pathways are definitely going to go strong in the upcoming weddings for sure. Neons in the decors, photo booths and signages is also going to be the most followed trend in the coming year and the years ahead. Now it is the time for the real treat and watch out what works out best for your celebrations.

Wedding decoration ideas that wow!

Neon decors

The glowing neon signs over the photo booths or bars are the much sought after trends of recent times. The extra glow and aesthetics of neon spread the ambience of joy in a wedding hall. Do not forget the beautiful chandeliers hanging in the middle of the party halls in the opulent sangeet nights.

Pampas grass decor

The earthy and rustic look is the new talk of the town, with the rusty pampas grass decors adorning the wedding venues in every nook and corner. Pampas clouds with bundled pampas grass hanging in the wedding venue is a visual treat to the eyes. Similarly, the pampas grass arranged in large urns placed at the prime spots of wedding venues enhances the wow factor of party halls. From amazing bouquets to elegant aisles, pampas grass has been dominating the wedding decorations for quite a while and yes, quite elegantly.

Greenery decor

Blending with nature is the new wedding decoration trend. With minimal herb wedding backdrops to beautiful bridal bouquets, greenery is a pleasant decoration trend that is never going to fade. Greenery in vases and pots are also the top wedding table decoration items in recent times.

Enchanted forest theme decor

The forest decor idea has been in the trend for a while now. The elegant theme makes use of fresh green ferns and foliage with pastel flowers to adorn your party hall elegantly. The decor also makes use of elements like cane baskets, pampas grass and patterned rugs to give a complete finish to the theme.

Minimalistic wedding decors are catching everyone’s fancy in recent times. Fewer decoration efforts and minimal budget are further making this trend more relevant amongst the customers.

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