When Is The Right Time To Start Wedding Planning?

We know the excitement to start wedding planning the minute the ring is on your finger is too high. And if you’re one of the few couples who are not tempted to dive into it just as you get engaged, then you have hordes of loved ones pushing you. Their well-meaning questions after you announce your engagement can unwittingly push you into planning your wedding right this second. After all, how many times can you answer the question “when’s the wedding?” with a simple “we don’t know yet”, before you begin to feel the pressure.

So, to all those newly engaged couples, here’s our advice – wait for as long as you can and just revel in the feeling of being engaged. But how long is “as long as you can?” That depends upon your wedding timeframe!

Decide The Wedding Time Frame Immediately

Instead of diving into active wedding planning right after you are engaged, decide the time frame. So, shortly after the ring is on the finger, sit down with your partner and talk about:

  • Do you two want a long engagement?
  • Or do you prefer a shorter one?

There are pros and cons of both, so weigh them carefully. Once, you have a timeframe set in your minds; you can get into the extensive discussion of wedding planning.

Below, you’ll find the right time to start wedding planning based on the four different timeframes:

Scenario A: More than a year
Scenario B: Less than a year
Scenario C: Six months
Scenario D: Three months

Skip to the timeframe that matches yours to know more.

When To Begin Wedding Planning For Scenario A And B

Wedding is more than a year away.

If you decide to have a long engagement, think 13 or more months, then wait one month before you dive into wedding planning. You’ll have four weeks to savour the engagement and enough time to plan the wedding slowly. Begin by taking it step by step, with the first step is deciding the wedding budget. Then create an estimated count of your guests. When you have the figure, go hunting for wedding venues. Since you have sufficient time before the wedding, you’ll have the luxury of picking any date, venue and vendor. The key is not to start planning everything simultaneously. Take it slow.

Wedding is less than a year away.

Many people who get engaged during the winter months wish for a summer or fall wedding. It means you generally have 10 to 7 months to plan everything. Unless you are okay with waiting for more than two years. If the timeframe is less than a year, then you should begin wedding planning after two weeks of getting engaged. After you’ve enjoyed the honeymoon-period of the engagement, get down to organizing everything. You still have sufficient time to take it slow and ponder over your choice of venue, vendors and décor. But for those 14 days, ban any wedding discussions with friends or family. That is your time to enjoy before the chaos of planning descends on you and your partner’s head.

When To Begin Wedding Planning For Scenario C And D

Wedding is 6 months away.

A substantial chunk of couples opt for a short engagement. Generally, it is 6,5 or 3 months. Even though you don’t have the luxury to take your sweet time for each decision, there is enough of it to give you a week’s break. From the day you get engaged, count 7 days and mark it in the calendar. You and anyone else is not allowed any wedding planning for that week. Enjoy the blissful glow of “just got engaged.” Once those 7 days are over, we recommend diving right into wedding planning and making quick calls on the most critical choices like the budget and venue. For all other decisions, you can afford to consider options slowly and then make the final call.

Wedding is 3 months away.

First off, you’re not alone. There are a lot of couples who pull off a gorgeous wedding in three months or even less. So, don’t panic. While you may not have a lot of time to enjoy the experience of getting engaged, you can take a day. But after that day, it is highly advised to start planning the wedding ASAP. Be lighting fast with all your decisions and don’t oscillate over the little details like which colour carnations to use as table centrepieces.

And now you know when to start wedding planning based on how long an engagement period you want. We wish you all the best and happy married life!

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